Land's End


I have a working studio , open the the public, at Land's End.

I moved from my studio-gallery in Penwith House a couple of years ago to a  new studio in the craftworks building down next to Greeb Farm.

My studio is tucked in on the right hand side, there's a stable door and inside a selection of prints and cards plus my current collection of original paintings.  As before there is a view  of the sea again and now also Llamas!

Update for 2021

....Still working from home and recovering from some quite tricky health stuff... but mending well now! My online gallery here on the website is still up and running for existing stock.  Apologies to anyone hoping to see me at my Land's End studio at the moment but I will be back when mending is done and it is safe to do so ! Sending all best wishes in the meantime.

Wendy x