Update during Covid-19

Update May 2021

....Still working from home and recovering from some quite tricky health stuff!... but on the mend slowly!  So although things are gradually opening up around us, I'll be carrying on working from home for a while yet. Recuperating from the op and the chemo at home allows me to keep working gently, as and when my body dictates, but without the challenges of maintaining covid safety for all in my little studio, which has just proved impractical for so many reasons! I've plenty to keep me out of mischief here though as I'm slowly working through the editing of the new painting images from last summer so that prints can be available and have plenty of new paintings in mind once I'm well enough. My online gallery here on the website is still up and running for existing stock.  Apologies to anyone hoping to see me at my Land's End studio at the moment but I will be back when mending is done and it is safe to do so ! Sending all best wishes in the meantime.

Wendy x 

Update for Summer 2020

!  Unfortunately due to the coronavirus situation my studio at Land's End is closed at present and I am painting at home.

If you would like to order a painting or print and get priority delivery when I re-open you can still order here via the contact page or by email. You are also most welcome to stay in touch via my Facebook page.

Sending all best wishes in these unusual times.